(VIDEO) How To Tell If You Will Succeed Or Fail

How can you tell if you are going to succeed or fail?  Is there a one main defining trait that you can point to and say “Oh yeah, I think I know how this is going to turn out”?  I think so.  It’s only my opinion, but so far, in nearly every case that I’ve…

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How Do You Make Six Figures With Empower Network?

I’ve been asked many times “How do you make six figures with Empower Network?”.  It’s a question asked by those who want to use Empower Network to build up at least a five figure a month income (six figures yearly).  Usually when I’m asked that questions, it’s from people looking for a shortcut, a “magic…

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My Unbiased Empower Network Review

Is It Really An Unbiased Empower Network Review? Unbiased you say?  But how can that be?  Aren’t you a member of Empower Network??  I know you have to be asking yourself those questions.  And yes, I am.  And yes, this will be an unbiased Empower Network review.  I’ve been doing affiliate marketing and online marketing…

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She Used Empower Network Products To Pay Her Mortgage

I just love her.  Ms. Gordon.  You can tell immediately how excited and honest she’s being about what she’s been able to do with Empower Network so far.  That honest excitement is what you’ll see in most Empower members.  It’s the excitement caused by finally making enough money to exceed your expectations and helping others…

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Expressing Gratitude Will Lead to More Abundance

THANK YOU EMPOWER NETWORK for turning my life around!  THANK YOU UNIVERSE for bringing me new opportunities each day to do better than before!  THANK YOU GOD for another day of life and for my family!  Guys, one of the quickest ways to change your mindset and to start attracting more abundance into your life…

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“Hippie Jedi” Mentor Just Passed the $1 Million Mark

What’s Up With This Hippie Jedi Mentor? I’ve been telling people that I only learn from the best. I mean, that’s how I went from being broke, forced to move to a smaller house, worrying about money all the time, to a solid 5 figure per month earner. The “Hippie Jedi”, MY “Hippie Jedi”, Justin…

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What Is Your Life’s Purpose? (VIDEO)

What is your life’s purpose?  Have you thought about that at all yet?  Have you figured it out?  I know, it’s a tough question.  I mean, life…it’s huge, right?  For some people, their life’s purpose is to accumulate as much money, as many material goods as they can.  Usually it’s the people who don’t have…

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George Made $3000 In One Day Without Realizing It (VIDEO)

This is George.  George is a badass.  Can you say “badass”?  I knew you could…Just kidding.  But how CRAZY is that?  George has never made that much in his life.  Most people have not made $3000 in one day in their lives.  Those of us that have express much gratitude that we were shown the…

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How Did They Go From Bankruptcy To Six Figures In Six Months? (VIDEO)

Some of us have been in situations similar to those of Kevin and Melissa Knecht…late on the mortgage, power bill unpaid, credit card bills are past due, cell phones getting shut off.  On top of all that, they were going through bankruptcy. Sounds pretty hopeless, right?  Well, staying in a situation like that IS hopeless. …

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The Secrets That Netted A Deaf Guy $1000 A Day (VIDEO)

We all have reasons why our businesses aren’t succeeding to the level we want just yet.  But are they “reasons”, or are they “excuses”?  Most of us have full use of two eyes, two legs, two arms.  Physically we’re fine, or at least a lot better off than some people.  So if we have the…

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